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Bio-Remediation Enzyme Powder 25 LBS: Helps eliminate phenol, benzene, toluene. Also eliminates other hydrocarbon octane: ethane, ethanol, etc.

This new enzyme treatment is composed of specially selected microbial strains which have been adapted to help degrade a great variety of special chemical compounds and priority pollutants. These chemical compounds are often found in the discharge waters of refineries, petrochemical plants, pesticide manufacturers, and in chemical spills, oil, and ground water that has been contaminated with such chemicals.

     This bioremediation product has been designed to: Contain sufficient numbers of microflora of the type which degrade the targeted pollutants. Contain microflora that can survive on the targeted waste substance alone, and can utilize the solid waste compounds as sole sources of carbon (when supplemented with other key mineral nutrients.)

     Resistant to toxic effects of the targeted pollutants.

Able to multiply and metabolize the targeted compounds in the presence of certain heavy metals.


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