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Sewer Chemicals: Use our economical HD Pro-Grade Granule Lift Station Degreaser to effectively liquefy grease, surface scum, and fat in lift stations, septic tanks, and grease traps. Our granule product minimizes downtime and increases efficiency. It gets rid of grease that clings to lift station walls. As with all our products, our HD Pro-Grade Granule Lift Station Degreaser is EPA approved and registered in your state. It will not damage pump seals or cords. It will not affect BOD levels or pH levels. It will not kill good bacteria. As an additional perk, it deodorizes.

     Our superior HD Pro-Grade Granule Lift Station Degreaser dissolves fat, oil, organic waste, hair, cigarette butts, soap scum, organic substances, sludge, feminine products, and paper that is congealed on the walls, floats, and pumps. It will not tamper with either BOD or ODI levels, pH balance, or kill any of the good bacteria in the system. It will not disturb effluent integrity, nor disrupt clarifiers. This mighty product is safe to use in both steel and concrete wet wells. Our product never penetrates the wet well, and ensures level sensing tubes and ejector station probes stay clean. Furthermore, it will safely keep pump seals and cords clean. Consequently, pumps function better and at a lower temperature. 


FOR USE ON: lift stations, lagoons, septic tanks, settling tanks, holding tanks, basins, ponds, wet wells, digesters, mains, sewer lines, pumping stations, etc.


WILL NOT DISRUPT: pH balance, BOD or ODI levels, effluent integrity, clarifiers, etc.

WILL NOT DAMAGE: pump seals, cord, sensors, etc.



DESCRIPTION: EPA approved, biodegradable, non-toxic, and registered in your state


LIQUEFIES: fat, oil, grease, hair, organic substances, paper, feminine products, sludge, congealed scum, cigarette butts, etc.

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