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Sewer Cleaning Products

sewer cleaning products





Use our highly affordable, highly concentrated, floating bioremediation products to mobilize hardened fat, oil, and grease obstruction. Fat, oil, and grease are the primary cause of costly wastewater and sewer system backups, offensive odor, and manhole overflows. Our anaerobic enzymes reduce both surface and bottom solids, thereby eliminating troublesome system clogs that impede system performance. It floats on top as water levels change. In addition, our environmentally sound, active enzymes degrade other culprits, such as hair, paper, feminine products, and fruit and vegetable waste. This product emulsifies caked on matter off the walls, pipes, pumps, and equipment station. It stays active for 30-45 days. Our enzymes will not affect BOD levels, pH levels, or kill good bacteria. As with all our sewer cleaning products, it is EPA approved and registered in your state.



"Bioremediation uses microorganisms to degrade organic contaminants in soil, groundwater, sludge, and solids. The microorganisms break down contaminants by using them as an energy source or co-metabolizing them with an energy source. More specifically, bioremediation involves the production of energy in a redox reaction within microbial cells. These reactions include respiration and other biological functions needed for cell maintenance and reproduction." Source: US EPA Contaminated Site Cleanup Information (CLU-N)



1. Lift Stations                                                 2. Sewers                            11. Grease Traps

3. Septic Tanks                                                4. Lagoons

5. Drain Lines                                                  6. Drain Fly Controls

7. Floor Drains                                                            8. Toilets

9. Sinks                                                            10. Tubs



1. EPA Approved                                             2. Registered in your state

2. Will Not Damage Pump Seals                     3. Will Not Damage Cords

4. Stays Active 30-45 days                              5. Will Not Damage Submersible Pipe Seals

6. Floats On Top as Levels Change                 7. Economical

8. Will Not Tamper with BOD Levels              9. Will Not Tamper with pH Balance

10. Will Not Kill Good Bacteria                       11. Fast Results

12. Prevents Clogging                                     13. Odor Control

14. High Concentration                                   15. Heavy Duty


There are many different sewer cleaning products available for cleaning drainage system. But use safe sewer cleaning products to keep your drains and environment clean. See our sewer cleaning products and choose one that suits to your needs. 

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