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Sewer Sweetener Odor Control 1 Gallon:  Use our highly advanced, economical, powerful, liquid Sewer Sweetener to neutralize obnoxious odors from a variety of industrial and home sources. Allow our highly concentrated deodorizer to actively control offensive odors for several weeks at a time. This fine product has a specially formulated water base, so it contains no harmful solvents. Working at the molecular level, it is not a masking agent. Its residual action lasts for weeks. It does not impede desirable bacterial action in drain fields, septic tanks, lagoons, or digesters. It will not affect BOD levels or pH levels. As with all our products, it is EPA approved and registered in your state. Our product is the sweetest available.


FOR USE IN: sewage plants, lagoons, aerators, sewer mains and laterals, garbage dumps, garbage trucks, garbage containers, digesters, filters, septic tanks, drain fields, kitchen garbage disposals, sinks, bathtubs, etc.


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION/ATTRIBUTES: not a masking agent, works on a molecular level, economical, high concentration, powerful, environmentally safe, no harmful solvents, will not harm good bacteria, superior dispersal, and residual action



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