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​Patriot Chemical Sales


6800 Jericho Tpke Suite 120W

Syosset, New York 11791

Tel: 888-896-4827
Fax: 516-495-6950 Provides Chemicals for the following: Industrial Chemicals, Sewer chemical, Septic Tank Treatment, Drain Opener, Cleaner, Cleaners, Degreasers, Foaming Root Killer, Floor Care, Vehicle Care, Citrus Degreaser, Sewer Enzyme Treatment, Septic Tank Enzyme treatment, Drain Enzyme, F.O.G., Chemical Treatment, Liquid Enzymes, Granular, Floating lift Station Degreaser, Sewer Tracing Dye, Sewer Chemicals, Powdered Bioremediation, Industrial Chem, Septic System Chemicals, Sewage, Cesspool Treatment Chemicals, Leach Field Treatment Chemicals, Drain Field Chemicals, Green Cleaners EPA Approved, Fat, Oil, Grease, Sludge, Grease Trap Treatment Chemicals, Crystal Drain Cleaners, Concrete, Cement and Asphalt Cleaners, Main Line Cleaner, Imhoff Tank, Activated Sludge, FOG, Lagoon Treatment, Trickling Filters, Feeder Lines, Sinks, Toilets, Tubs, Aerobic Sludge Digesters, Wet Wells, Anaerobic-Aerobic Bacteria Chemicals, Lateral and Vertical Lines 

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