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Sewer Tracing Dye 1 Gallon: Use our affordable, biodegradable, specially formulated, liquid HD Pro-Grade Sewer Tracing Dye to track assorted flows when confronted with the challenges of inadequate lighting, as in sewers. Our non-polluting, highly visible, fluorescent colors are ideal for use when precise quantitative data is required. Our dye is ideal for tracing plumbing, piping, detecting leaks, checking for illegal tapping, and sewer and storm water drainage analysis. Our HD Pro-Grade Sewer Tracing Dye will not affect BOD or pH levels, nor will it kill good bacteria.  Furthermore, it will not adversely affect sewer treatment plant operations. As with all our products, it is EPA approved and registered in your state.

     Light in the visible range of the spectrum is discerned by our HD Pro-Grade Sewer Tracing Dye. Each droplet of water is labeled with fluorescent light that illuminates each point in its course of travel. Our highly visible fluorescence is attributed to its emission of a light with a longer wavelength than the initially absorbed light. The fluorescent light then emanates outward.


FOR USE ON: sewer treatment plants, sewers, pipes, plumbing, etc.


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION/ATTRIBUTES: conveys water flow, ideal for sewer flow studies, addresses insufficient lighting, necessary for quantitative data, makes measuring precise amounts possible, EPA approved, registered in your state, biodegradable, non-polluting, specially formulated, liquid for superior absorption


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