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Allow our liquid, affordable, citrus surfactant to take the heavy load of scrubbing off your back. Our material requires minimal effort on your part, but makes you look like a superstar when it comes to loosening and emulsifying even the most built up grease, oil, and dirt. Our pleasantly smelling formula rinses clean, leaving no sloppy white residue behind. It will not damage pump seals or cords. Make mince meat of grime with our VOC compliant blend of citrus extracts, that act quickly and safely on a myriad of surfaces. It will not affect BOD levels, pH levels, or kill beneficial bacteria. As with all our products, it is EPA approved and registered in your state.

FOR USE ON: cooking oil stains, meat packing plants, canneries, restaurants, kitchens, bakeries, food processing plants, appliances, grills, stovetops, kitchen counters, wall tiles, ink rolls in printing plants, adhesive removal, concrete, masonry, driveway grease, garage floors, tire marks, grease traps, porcelain, floors, tubs, showers, soap scum, engines, machinery, tools, tires, rims, tractors, automobile parts, wheel arches, undercarriages, drain lines, plastic, sewer plants, tar, industrial plants, steel mills, oil burning plants, etc.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: d-Limonene, affordable, heavy duty, biodegradable, VOC compliant, meets California air quality standards, OSHA regulation approved for no hazardous ingredients, no phosphates, no chlorine, EPA approved, multi-surface, high solvency action, etc.

SAFE ON: ferrous and non-ferrous metals, aluminum, painted surfaces, etc.

WILL NOT AFFECT: BOD levels, pH balance, good bacteria

PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES: superior degreasing power, minimal effort, loosens grime, emulsifies gunk, rinses clean, leaves no white stains, deodorizes, and leaves a pleasant citrus scent
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